Web-mail: You have 3 choices of programs to read/send e-mail from ANY computer on the internet without using the e-mail program that is on that computer as at work, school, library, etc. This page explains the 3 web e-mail reader programs on your site with links for detailed information - click here

Outlook: This page tells you how to set up on your computer to download your e-mail for permanent storage REMEMBER when your e-mail box is FULL you cannot receive e-mails and they will get a "FULL" error.  We give you much larger e-mail boxes than others but there is still a limit.  click here

Form-mailer: Why a mail to contact us form-mailer is very important to have on your site. The “mailto:” method relies on the visitors' e-mail software. If a visitor has no e-mail software installed (libraries, universities, train stations, airports, internet cafe, schools, etc), or has an incompatible e-mail program to the "mailto:" command on their computer, you will not receive the message the visitor is trying to send to you.

User feedback is very important. Think of how someone having trouble with your site or product must feel about your services if he can't contact you, or gets an error message after spending half an hour describing the problem he is having.

We spent two years finding and modifying  the form-mail script we install on our web sites, it is the ONLY one we know that sends the visitor a COPY of their submittal, which to me is very important as I forget what I tell someone after hitting the submit button, this also confirms that the visitor entered their e-mail address correctly.

Is available through your Cpanel, we have found this to be 98% effective and after testing can turn to "discard" spam instead of moving it to another folder on the server.  The spam e-mails are kept on the server for you to look at and just empty the folder or it just discards them, YOU DO NOT DOWNLOAD THEM INTO YOUR COMPUTER saving you a lot of time and hassle.  For more information go to their website - click here