IrfanView OR OTHER PROGRAM - Tips - close page when done

Adjusting an image to a smaller size and lower "dpi" makes web pages load MUCH faster and e-mails to send and receive faster and easier.  The only exception to this is if you want the person to be able to "print" the image, then the better quality the file the better quality the print.


Suggestion use "date" folders named as 20040627, inside this folder open a new folder ORJ "original" and put all images for that day in the ORJ folder - open them from this folder and save the adjusted image in the 20040627 folder (or name your folder Vacation etc. instead of the date)

1) select "file" at the top and "open" your image file and then select "file" at the top and  "save as" NOT SAVE - specify your new file name if you want and the folder you want to save it in. ( from here on you can just select "file"  then "save" - it prevents you from accidentally saving your adjusted file over the original.

2) CROP ( select only PART of the photo ) open file and to crop just click on the photo (left mouse button) where you want to start the top left edge - drag your mouse to the bottom right corner and release

then click on "edit" at the top and select "crop selection" OR just hold down on the "Ctrl" key and then touch the Y key.

3) RESIZE - click on "Image" at the top then select "resize/resample" make sure "preserve aspect ratio" box is checked set "width" to 700 or if photo is a Vertical one set the "height" to 700 - the height or width will automatically set it self.  Set "dpi" to 100 "units" selected as "pixels" size method - select "Lanczos filter" for best quality save your photo in a different file

For images within the "page" set size to 250 or 300 width to obtain a small file size - REMEMBER even with a small file size 10 images at 30k will also load slow - keep the number of images on a page reasonable.  Use "pop up" commands to link to a larger images instead of putting the larger image within the page.

For X-cart main images - set "width" or "height" to a maximum of 300 for extra "detail images" set "width" or height to a maximum of 500.

NOTE: if you INCREASE the size of your image past a certain point it will become blurry so especially if you crop the image do not try to make a small image a big one unless you have the proper software and even then it is limited.

For more information select the "help" or go to their web site - just click on it to open new page - close when done.

Flash Player tutorial on "batch" resizing of photos with Irfan View image editor click here